Zen Poems

stones thrown at the pond
to catch the moon in it
fish rise at them
-- oxtail 2011-09-18

clouds gather and scatter
hearing flowers scream
we are all in this together
-- oxtail 2011-05-14

Certain things are better understood with faith.
We probably have to trust strangers
if we wanna be happy to be on a highway.
But on my narrow garden path, each step is enjoyable,
no matter what they do on their highway to nowhere.
-- oxtail 2011-05-14

they walk and walk
for decades
to go where
they cannot go on foot
passing wild flowers
cool streams
even their aging parents
over and over
-- oxtail 2011-01-24

how long will you
rake pebbles into order
as if they are
waves of your thoughts
just quit it already
~oxtail 2010.10

endless night
too cold to sleep
big bright moon
~oxtail 2010.7

long forgotten friend
just heard, died young
on a glorious spring day
~oxtail 2010.7

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